Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Worthwhile fiction

Great action adventure book by henry 'hank' brown

Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 star review on Amazon for TFI

I found this book through a tweet by Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyRGR) author of military fiction. As someone who reads military history, as well as military fiction and non-fiction, I loved it. I enjoyed the pace of the book and the development of the characters. I especially enjoyed reading the authors description of Africa and its own military history. I found it easy to picture the terrain, the people and especially the action with the fluid descriptions and believable dialogue. Knowing this is the first in a series helps because the backgrounds of some of the characters are pretty short but you won’t care. The men are pros and there ito do a job and the author delivers the action. I knew it was fiction but it reads like and account of commandos describing a mission that was anything but routine

Friday, December 9, 2011

Task Force Intrepid Volume 1 coming within days

The first in my new Action Adventure / Military fiction series will be up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon.
Product Description:

Task Force Intrepid

Warfare has changed. The days of the citizen-soldier have passed. Battles now rage with Professionals at the helm. The governments of the world waved the flag of patriotism to encourage men to fight for the interests of the world's Elite. Behind it all is the the battle for the Few. With the world's consumption of precious commodities, the lands that hold them are enveloped in chaos and carnage. Lawlessness reigns and business transactions are done at the business end of an AK-47. Military juntas paralyze the population, raping and plundering the innocents caught in the crossfire. When the Shareholders find their stocks dropping, the Economic Warriors turn to their Private Armies to fill the coffers.

The Gold of Katanga

Five men from South Africa, America, Australia and Ireland form a Rapid Reaction Force for the Private Military Company, Security and Logistics, Worldwide. When one of the world's major Mining Company loses two new Gold mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the call goes out for the best money can buy. Facing an unknown Rebel entity and Criminal Syndicate, they are dispatched to the war torn region to recover the mines and terminate the marauders. Each twist and turn challenges the Modern Professional Soldier's desire for money personal honor.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Rhodesian fiction

Jack Murphy is a man who has been there and done it as a member of the US Special Forces Community. He has decided to take his talents to the keyboard and is rising on the Amazon Charts with his Epic Novel Reflexive Fire.

For enthusiasts of Rhodesia and her Armed forces he has written a story well worth the read. Sean Deckard Sr. has come home from the Vietnam war and continues to soldier on as a true Cold Warrior on the Continent of Africa.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ronald Reagan and Rhodesia

I was very privileged to speak with a 18 year veteran of the war in Rhodesia over the weekend who served in all its primary units including the SAS, RLI, Selous Scouts, etc. We discussed the politics of the final years of the war. The Carter Administration under whom 13 nations fell to Communism and Ronald Reagan's investigation into the Rhodesian question. It became known after the war was ended that Reagan had sent his own investigation team to Rhodesia to fully assess the elections and the transitional government, IE the Full and Free elections of Rhodesia.

England and minions from the Carter Administration hurried the Lancaster House Agreements because they knew that ol' Ronnie would back any democratic government that was fighting Communism. He had determined that we would win the Cold War at each and every opportunity. I found a book called Reagan in his Own Words on Google books where he says

Our government has refused to recognize the new Government of Rhodesia claiming it is bound by UN sanctions against that country..........It seems that we received a gentle warning from General Obasanjo, Ruler of Nigeria that more serious consequences might follow if we recognized Bishop Muzowera who has been elected Prime Minister of Rhodesia legally and Legitamately.......Rhodesia has taken great strides towards toward the kind of democratic values we have always endorsed.......But instead of holding out our hand of friendship we turn our back because of dictator of a country with no democratic values might make due without our oil ( imports )...

It seems to me that the conservative Icon of American politics was planning on sending an expeditionary force to help Rhodesia secure its borders and stave off the Communist hordes. We need only to look at the results of Mugabe's reign to see that the war was not about White Power, it was about freedom and democracy. The Black Africans suffered more than anyone and still do to this day. The treachery of the Carter Administration and the British at this time gets more and more intricate every still.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A thorough analysis of American Involvement in Africa is a must website for people interested in the study of counter insurgency warfare. The following is a detailed account of the US's activities in Africa.

Fiction merging with Reality

With the announcement of the Obama Administration's sending spec-ops soldiers to Uganda to help track down and eradicate the Lords Resistance Army, I think they stole a piece of my work. Not really, but I support this endeavor by Obama ( once in a lifetime ) to help build stability in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa. They are but a small band of thugs but I think it makes more sense to send in capable advisers rather than continue to pour in 30 million dollars a year to Uganda with nothing to show for it. The lines between fiction and reality will be blurred in the Task Force Intrepid Series.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new blog and project

Just to let people know, I have started a blog on my forthcoming Military Adventure series about PMC's in Africa. The first manuscript is nearing completion and will be out by years end. The Blog will give readers an introduction to the concept and characters of the series. I hope you will take a look and offer feedback.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Forthcoming Novel

In the Spring of 2012, I will be releasing my first full length novel set in the European Theater of World War Two. No pun intended but many will say that this is no novel idea.....Specializing in researching World War Two, I have found innumerable books on the subject of this theater of war, from Historical work, Reference, Primary sources and other Novels. Some say adding to the mix of books on this subject will end up on as a bargain book in a bankrupt bookstore.

This book grew out of love for the era and a desire to understand man's nature in War and how that intertwines with a person's religious faith. Two commandments people usually remember, Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not commit adultery. Murder and Sex are no-no's. The era of the 30's and 40's in America was a time where church attendance and knowledge of the scripture was very high. The boys sent off to fight a European war had moral quandries about pulling the trigger on people that looked like them and often times might be distant relatives.

A popular phrase over the 20th century was WWJD? What would Jesus Do? That is always a perplexing question because, well....its Jesus. Would Jesus rush a machine gun nest or finish off a wounded man who would not surrender? I think not. Yet today we see that religion and war are very intertwined in the American psyche. In my research, I questioned chaplains, soldiers, and the regular Christian about this dilema. There are varying answers to the Just War theory to simply, no Jesus would not serve in the military and neither will I.

Most people don't realize that not every single American rushed to the recruiters office after Pearl Harbor. Certainly the conscientious objector was in a very small minority but they existed. Hence the story of Private Billy Rucker who we find summoned before the draft board and his journey through the battlefields of Europe and the constant struggle of reconciling himself as a human, himself as a Christian and himself as a soldier.

What makes this unique, why bother reading it? There are well known best sellers who tell historical tales of world war two. This book does not fall into a publishable category through traditional means. I grew very frustrated with the Christian Book Association and their attempts to tell true stories or anything resembling reality. I bought a series by the acclaimed christian military storyteller hoping to find something worth reading. I never finished the book. It was full of cliche's both Christian and Apple Pie. Left out was the filth, grime, fear, hatred, blood and action that takes place in the real world of warfare. Capable authors are stuck with the restrictions put on them by Christian publishers. CBA's attempt to market military/mens adventure books is quite literally- Holy Shit. There is no home for me there and men have nothing of value to read in christian fiction.

On the flip side, a secular publisher cant be bothered or offended by a book that deals with Jesus Christ and his followers. A plot that revolves around the spiritual struggle. It will be rejected as too religious to be sellable to readers. Edgy Christian Fiction usually revolves around bedroom scenes and forbidden romances. Basically women based product.

I think its time that at least one book is available to those who love military fiction/history and are spiritual people to be able to enjoy and leave them with questions, not set answers that are sermonesque. No, weak sermons disguised as 'christian fiction'. This novel was meticulously researched and deals with hard issues whether you are a sinner or saint. This novel will not convert anybody but it just might make you think.

I will be posting more about the novel as the time draws near to unleash it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

WW 2 Fiction

The night passed without further incursions into the line of Charlie. Periodic flares were sent up to confirm that. As a medic, Billy was not required to stand watch, as it would do no good to have an unarmed man watching over the others. Tucked below the ground with his back up against the wall and his knees pulled in, sleep came fitfully. Every sound started him awake. The adrenaline was still flowing interrupting his sleep. His mind was in overdrive. Since the landing, his mind had hardly thought of home. But his subconscious was longing to be there. He had entered a hell that he had no words would describe. Nothing in his training could replicate what little of battle he had seen. He wondered what it would be like in a year if he was lucky enough to go home. Would he sleep then ? 

            He dreamt of his home and his father. The study, where he often found him and played as a child. He could smell the fresh brewed coffee that his Dad loved so much. He talked to him and his dad laughed and gave him a hug. When he awoke, he could not remember what they had talked about. He did feel that hug. Strong and playful. 

            “Rucker…Rucker !…..Wake up Dammit.” Doc kicked some dirt onto his helmet.           
              Billy looked up at the dark figure over him. The sky was turning into grey. 0530 hours. “Yes, Doc. I’m awake. You need help ?”           
              “Naw. Just time to get up. Do your business and meet me at the CP at zero six.”           

            He found it hard to move his legs into a position to stand up but slowly managed. He was sore everywhere. Stein was next to him curled up. The movement in the hole aroused him slowly. Billy looked over to Doyle and Andrews hole. Andrews was as he had seen him at last light. Vigilantly looking outward and had his hands on the BAR. Once again he pulled a K ration out and proceeded to make himself ersatz coffe, cold. He needed all the energy he could get. The food was as tasteless as the box waxed cardboard it came in but it was food. He took the cigarettes and tossed them at Stein.

            “Hey, I don’t smoke. You can have mine.”            
            “Thanks. You’z alright, Doc,” Stein said and proceeded to unwrap the package and light one up. He stayed below the parapet to hide the glow.             
              Billy crawled out of the foxhole and went to the rear of the assembly area and filled his second canteen. He needed to brush his teeth and wash his face. His face didn’t grow enough hair yet to worry about shaving. Some of the older men had a full shadow on their faces. Shaving wasn’t a priority in combat. The impregnated uniforms that they were issued to help resist any chemical attack were now stiffening with the sweat, grime and blood of combat. Everyone stank and no one cared. They wouldn’t be standing inspections any time soon.

            At the CP, Captain Shilling was looking haggard but managed to remain full of resolute enthusiasm. The platoon leaders and their NCO’s listened intently.

            “As you know, we are acting as the reserve company today. Able and Charlie will move south. Scouts have reported that an encampment is to our south across the river. It looks to be a marshaling place for troops and supply. Force strength unknown. By the end of the day we are to be at or beyond the St. Lo rail line. Once they reach and assault the first objective, they will move on and we will secure the area. At any time we may be called on for additional duty. Platoon leaders get with your NCO’s and look at the maps. If we are needed, I don’t want any radio calls telling me you are lost. Moving in and out of these hedgerows…well, anything can happen. Be alert, stay alive. One hour till jump off. Get moving.”

            Doc recommended that they keep with the plan they had been using since D-Day. Billy would trail with Second Platoon. Doc would mingle with the others. They moved close enough together so that each of them could easily make contact if needed. Walking back to his foxhole he noticed some faces he hadn’t seen before. They were conspicuous due to their relatively clean uniforms. Lieutenant Beasley was dropping them off to the NCO’s of each Platoon. There had to be at least twenty of them. Replacements. Had that many men died ? He had lost count. 

            Four of them were left with Sergeant Dice. “You know why you are replacements ?” he asked the nervous looking bunch. “That’s because you are replacing someone who is dead or shot to hell. Don’t think for a minute you are going to come into my platoon acting like a jackass. Better men than you aint made it five miles into France. We are dealing with hardened, battle tested men. They would like nothing more than to slit your throat or put a bullet right between your eyes and take pictures of your girlfriend and momma and put them up in the latrine. You listen. Keep your fucking heads down. And God Dammit, use your fucking rifles. I find one of you cowering on the ground and not shooting, I’ll save the Krauts a bullet. You will pull up the rear today. Watch and learn. Got it ?”

            “Yes, Sergeant,” they said.           
             “Jones, Dawkins ! Get these men ready for war.”            
            “Sure, Sarge.”            
What a terrible way to start a war, though Billy. At least he had several months of training, England and a few weeks to get to know the guys in the Company. Five months ago, these guys were probably still civilians. If they survived their first combat, they might be alright. He thought about talking to them for a minute but the memories he already had made him veer away from them. He might be yanking their dog tags by the end of the day. 

            “You ready for another day on the job, Doc ?” Doyle asked, still in his foxhole.            
             “Just as ready as you.” Billy walked over and jumped into the hole. 
              “Where is Andrews at ?”            
            “I dunno. He disappears sometimes. Guy scares the living shit out of me sometimes. Been with him since Sicily. He’s kept me alive so far. I just hope my luck doesn’t run out.”            “He sure seems to enjoy this. Where is he from ?”

            “Oh, he does. Sergeant Dice is just as good but he aint mean like Buzz. Dice has knocked off a hell of a lot of Krauts but he moves on. Buzz is just a plain killer. I know he is from Chicago. He never gets any letters from home though. Rumor has it that he grew up in an orphanage. He told me he worked for some ‘Business’ men before the war. Said he collected rent and stuff from people. I don’t think the first time he shot a gun was in Basic.”

            “Good morning to ya, boys.” Father Quinn crouched down next to the men.           
              “Hey, Father. I was wondering when we would see you again. Have you met our new medic, Rucker?” Doyle turned to Billy.

            “Aye, I have. We met yesterday. He helped me find the line. Are you doing alright?”           
              “Well, Father, I’m still alive. And you?”            
             “I’m as well as can be expected. I pray for the lots of you every time I get the chance,” Father Quinn put his hand on Doyle’s shoulder and patted it. “Hopefully, we can resume our services once we get a firm position. Where is Corporal Andrews? He hasn’t been wounded has he?”            
              “No sir. I haven’t seen him this morning. I’m sure he will be glad to know you asked about him.”                           “All right then. I know you boys need to get ready. If you need anything, tell the Sergeant. God be with you today,” he said and moved down the line.

            Billy was surprised that Andrews and a man of the cloth had a relationship. He also felt uncomfortable around the priest. It was unthinkable to call a man ‘Father’ in a spiritual sense. All of his life he had felt prejudiced against Catholicism. Dad had had no ill will towards the Catholic people but often mentioned their errors and faults and rejected their beliefs and the priesthood. This certainly wasn’t a time to ponder the merits of his faith over others. Father Quinn obviously was loved by the men and he was moving among them. Where was Major Wadsworth?

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Military History

I have had the good fortune to discover stories that highlight the best and worst of humanity through the study of Military History. I will be sharing reviews of books along with stories about soldiers, wars-both small and large that should be known by every Military buff. I have decided to add advertising on my blog because of the mazing prices at