Monday, October 24, 2011

A thorough analysis of American Involvement in Africa is a must website for people interested in the study of counter insurgency warfare. The following is a detailed account of the US's activities in Africa.

Fiction merging with Reality

With the announcement of the Obama Administration's sending spec-ops soldiers to Uganda to help track down and eradicate the Lords Resistance Army, I think they stole a piece of my work. Not really, but I support this endeavor by Obama ( once in a lifetime ) to help build stability in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa. They are but a small band of thugs but I think it makes more sense to send in capable advisers rather than continue to pour in 30 million dollars a year to Uganda with nothing to show for it. The lines between fiction and reality will be blurred in the Task Force Intrepid Series.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new blog and project

Just to let people know, I have started a blog on my forthcoming Military Adventure series about PMC's in Africa. The first manuscript is nearing completion and will be out by years end. The Blog will give readers an introduction to the concept and characters of the series. I hope you will take a look and offer feedback.