Monday, November 7, 2011

Ronald Reagan and Rhodesia

I was very privileged to speak with a 18 year veteran of the war in Rhodesia over the weekend who served in all its primary units including the SAS, RLI, Selous Scouts, etc. We discussed the politics of the final years of the war. The Carter Administration under whom 13 nations fell to Communism and Ronald Reagan's investigation into the Rhodesian question. It became known after the war was ended that Reagan had sent his own investigation team to Rhodesia to fully assess the elections and the transitional government, IE the Full and Free elections of Rhodesia.

England and minions from the Carter Administration hurried the Lancaster House Agreements because they knew that ol' Ronnie would back any democratic government that was fighting Communism. He had determined that we would win the Cold War at each and every opportunity. I found a book called Reagan in his Own Words on Google books where he says

Our government has refused to recognize the new Government of Rhodesia claiming it is bound by UN sanctions against that country..........It seems that we received a gentle warning from General Obasanjo, Ruler of Nigeria that more serious consequences might follow if we recognized Bishop Muzowera who has been elected Prime Minister of Rhodesia legally and Legitamately.......Rhodesia has taken great strides towards toward the kind of democratic values we have always endorsed.......But instead of holding out our hand of friendship we turn our back because of dictator of a country with no democratic values might make due without our oil ( imports )...

It seems to me that the conservative Icon of American politics was planning on sending an expeditionary force to help Rhodesia secure its borders and stave off the Communist hordes. We need only to look at the results of Mugabe's reign to see that the war was not about White Power, it was about freedom and democracy. The Black Africans suffered more than anyone and still do to this day. The treachery of the Carter Administration and the British at this time gets more and more intricate every still.